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Key West Freeform Fiberglass Pool, a chic and spacious addition to a Clarksville, TN backyard

Key West

Shape / Stlye

Disclaimer: The image shown is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the actual Key West Please refer to specific product descriptions and specifications for accurate details of each pool.


16′ x 37′


3’4″ – 6’3″



Square Feet:

Key West Freeform Fiberglass Pool, a chic and spacious addition to a Clarksville, TN backyard

Key West

Bring the charm and relaxation of the Florida Keys to your backyard with the Key West Fiberglass Pool, a stylish and fun choice from Custom Fiberglass Pools, installed with expertise by AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living. The Key West’s trendy design and elegant features make it a standout addition for any summer party or gathering.

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Key Features:

  • Four Built-In Seating Areas: Ample seating for hosting friends and family, making every gathering a joy.
  • Sweeping Entry Steps: Graceful steps that provide a stylish and safe entry into the pool.
  • Spacious Swim Corridor: Plenty of room for swimming, playing, and enjoying sunny days.
  • Generous Size for Family and Friends: Measuring 16′ x 37′ and encompassing 540 square feet, it’s ideal for social events and family fun.
  • Depth for Everyone: A shallow end of 3′ 4″ for kids and a 6′ 3″ deep end for adult swimmers.
  • Large Water Capacity: Holding 13,300 gallons, ensuring a full and enjoyable swimming experience.

The Key West Fiberglass Pool is more than just a swimming area; it’s a hub of style and entertainment. With its unique freeform design and practical features, it’s an excellent choice for any Clarksville, TN home, promising to be a beloved spot for relaxation, enjoyment, and creating cherished summer memories.

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Premium Color Selections for Your Custom Fiberglass Pool

At AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, we understand that the color of your pool significantly influences the ambiance of your outdoor oasis. That’s why we proudly offer Custom Fiberglass Pools’ exquisite color options to perfectly match your style and enhance your backyard’s aesthetic appeal.

Standard and Exclusive Color Ranges:

  • Resilient Pearl White Gel-Coat Finish: Our standard pool finish is the Pearl White Gel-Coat, known for its resilience and classic elegance. This timeless finish brings a bright, clean look to your pool, ensuring it remains a stunning focal point in your backyard.
  • Exclusive Diamond-Tech Color Finishes: For those desiring an extra touch of luxury, we offer five spectacular Diamond-Tech color finishes. These exclusive finishes add a sparkling beauty reminiscent of diamonds, enriching the visual appeal of your pool with their rich and vibrant hues.

50-Year Structural Warranty from Custom Fiberglass Pools:

We partner with Custom Fiberglass Pools, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Each fiberglass pool shell comes with an outstanding 50-Year Structural Warranty, underscoring our confidence in these premium pools.
  • Pearl White

  • Atlantic Blue

  • Caribbean Blue

  • Pacific Blue

  • Sand Stone Beige

  • Glacier Grey

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