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Skyscraper Wall Block by Techo-Bloc – Available at AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living

AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living introduces the Skyscraper wall block by Techo-Bloc, the epitome of modern design in large-scale retaining solutions. Weighing in at a staggering half ton each, these colossal blocks empower you with the capability to erect towering retaining walls without the need for geo-grid reinforcement. Ideal for enclosing residential properties, enhancing commercial spaces, and shaping urban landscapes, Skyscraper blocks deliver structural fortitude with a contemporary flair. Available through the expertise of AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, these dry cast collection pieces are transformative in both form and function.

Click on a color to see which sizes are available, as not all sizes come in every color.

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Sizes Included
SIDE 1: 12 X 48 1/16 X 36
SIDE 2: 12 X 48 1/16 X 17 5/16


Sizes Included
12 X 18 X 36


Sizes Included
12 X 24 3/8 X 2 1/2


Sizes Included
SIDE 1: 12 X 34 7/8 X 36
SIDE 2: 12 X 34 7/8 X 17 1/2


Sizes Included
SIDE 1 : 12 X 23 1/4 X 36
SIDE 2: 12 X 23 1/4 X 2 3/16

Skyscraper Layout Possibilities

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