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Melville Tandem™ Wall

Melville Tandem™ Wall

AR Stoneworks introduces the Melville Tandem™ Wall – a harmonious blend of a sleek facade and adaptable modular designs. Simplify your construction process with the effortless setup promised by the Tandem Wall platform, and let the refined aesthetics elevate your spaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Consistent Craftsmanship: The chiseled stone texture is carefully manufactured to guarantee uniform height tolerances.
  • Design Flexibility: Choose from straight lines or captivating curves.
  • Multiple Sizes for Creativity: With 3 distinct sizes at your disposal, let your imagination roam free and customize as you please.
  • Precise Dimensions: Designed for a minimum outside radius of 6′.
  • Rise to Heights: Achieve freestanding walls up to 28″ and gravity walls up to 3 feet with a 1/2 inch setback per unit.
  • Engineered Precision: 90o corners are meticulously crafted for seamless integration.
  • Durability: Reinforce and extend your walls up to 8 feet with confidence.

Note: All sizes are inclusively bundled on a single pallet and are not available for individual purchase.

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Unit 1

7 x 13 3/16 x 2 5/8

U Start Base Block

3 1/2 x 18 7/16 x 12
Note: U Start Base Block actual coverage length is 16 11/16″

8″ Connecting Member

Unit 2

7 x 15 13/16 x 2 5/8

Unit 3

7 x 18 7/16 x 2 5/8

Modular Block

7 1/16 x 7 7/8 x 7 7/8

Modular Block Clip

Sold separately.
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