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Castlemanor® Rustic

Dive into an era long past with the Castlemanor® Rustic wall system by AR Stoneworks. This captivating solution captures the timeless charm of the old world, accentuated by its rugged finish and warm earthy tones. Whether you’re shaping cozy outdoor corners or crafting terraces with retaining walls, Castlemanor® Rustic provides the sturdiness and allure you need.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modularity at its Best: Multi-piece system ensures you have the utmost flexibility during installation.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for constructing parapet walls, pilasters, seat benches, columns, and refining your outdoor living space.
  • Design Freedom: Construct either curved or straight walls, be it freestanding or retaining.
  • Efficient Units: Every block is designed to serve as an exposed end or a 90o corner, reducing the number of cuts required.
  • Organically Random: No predefined patterns needed to achieve a naturally random appearance.
  • Built to Last: Suitable for gravity walls reaching up to 2.5 feet near-vertical or 3 feet using the 9.5-degree batter/1-inch setback per unit.
  • Sky’s the Limit: For ambitious heights, incorporate geosynthetic reinforcement and ensure a qualified engineer’s oversight.
  • Radius Ready: Designed to accommodate an outside minimum radius of 5 feet and an inside minimum of 3 feet.

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Castlemanor Rustic

6 x 6/4 x 10
6 x 12/10 x 10
6 x 16/14 x 10

Wall Pins

6″ L x 3/8″ D approx. 3.5 pins per sq. ft.

Castlemanor Rustic Cap

3 x 12 x 10
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