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Castlemanor® Grana

Unearth the essence of yesteryears with the Castlemanor® Grana wall system by AR Stoneworks. Radiating a rich, rustic allure with its earth-toned finishes, this wall solution is perfect for crafting intimate outdoor nooks or building functional retaining walls to optimize your landscape’s potential.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular Mastery: A multi-piece system offering supreme installation flexibility.
  • A Multitude of Applications: Ideal for constructing freestanding walls, seat benches, columns, pilasters, and transforming outdoor living areas.
  • Craft to Your Heart’s Content: Whether it’s curved or straight, freestanding or retaining, Castlemanor® Grana has you covered.
  • Versatile Units: Each block serves as either an exposed end or a 90o corner, meaning fewer cuts and more efficiency.
  • No Need for Patterns: Achieve a random, organic look without any predefined patterns.
  • Sturdy Builds: Suitable for gravity walls up to 2.5 feet at nearly vertical batter or 3 feet using the 9.5-degree batter/1-inch setback per unit.
  • Height is Not an Issue: For taller constructions, geosynthetic reinforcement is available, but make sure to get it designed by a qualified engineer.
  • Adaptable Radii: An outside minimum radius of 5 feet and an inside minimum of 3 feet ensure flexibility in design.

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Castlemanor Grana – 3pc

6 x 6 x 10
6 x 12 x 10
6 x 16 x 10

Wall Pins

6″ L x 3/8″ D approx. 3.5 pins per sq. ft.

Grana Cap

3 x 10 x 12
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