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Stonegate® by Keystone Hardscapes, brought to life by AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, is the confluence of aesthetic charm and practical design. Whether you’re envisioning a gravity wall that stands up to 3-feet tall, a freestanding wall, or an outdoor haven inclusive of fireplaces, kitchens, pits, and benches, Stonegate is your answer. With the flexibility of a tumbled finish for those who fancy the rustic, and a Contemporary finish for a sleek look, this wall system caters to varied tastes and project needs.


  • Unique Design Diversity: Stonegate’s distinctive feature lies in the three finished face dimensions of each unit. This design not only eases the creation of random patterns but offers a captivating juxtaposition of a sleek, weathered stone face and a rustic tumbled essence.
  • Enduring Craftsmanship: Constructed from resilient concrete, embedded with iron oxide pigments, these blocks ensure that the rich hue remains untouched even under prolonged UV exposure. The quality not only meets but often surpasses the stringent standards of ASTM C1372.
  • Cutting-edge Installation: With the innovative interlocking pin system, not only is the design palette expanded, but the installation is simplified, bolstering the structural integrity of retaining walls. This system also facilitates both near-vertical and setback installations.

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