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Keystone Standard®

Keystone Standard®

Pioneering the retaining wall industry, the Keystone Standard® series by Keystone Hardscapes, proudly offered at AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, remains an undisputed leader especially for towering walls and essential structures. Its depth embodies unmatched structural reliability. From beautifying home landscapes to serving as the backbone of substantial reinforced edifices, Keystone Standard’s diverse face styles, color palettes, and design versatility make it the top choice for designers and engineers globally.


  • Classic Design: The straight split face prominently exhibits the inherent color of each block, adding an authentic charm.
  • Cutting-edge Installation: Features 1/2in diameter, pultruded fiberglass pins, ensuring flexibility in installation whether near-vertical or with a setback. Keystone’s signature pins not only augment the structural coherence but also boast a robust shear strength of 6,400 psi.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Superposed webs are engineered to accelerate the core-filling process. With its optimal weight and user-friendly grips, handling becomes safer and a breeze.
  • Maximize Space: Its innovative low batter design guarantees optimal utilization of the construction site.
  • Durability Assured: Crafted with premium-grade concrete and enriched with fade-resistant iron oxide pigments. Proudly surpasses the ASTM C1372 standards.

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Keystone Standard®


Keystone Standard®


Keystone Standard®

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