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Description: Harington®, manufactured by Keystone Hardscapes and proudly sold by AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, embodies the perfect fusion of precision, design, and durability. Part of the renowned rear-lipped SRWs line, Harington® offers a balance of aesthetics and structural excellence. Its rugged appearance reminiscent of naturally weathered stone combined with the synergy of scored and straight split units makes it a top pick for discerning individuals and professionals.


  • Natural Aesthetic: Mimics the allure of weathered stone for that classic, timeless appeal.
  • Efficient Installation: Combines the beauty of a three-piece stone system with the efficiency of single unit placement.
  • Setback Precision: Rear lips ensure accurate setbacks, simplifying the installation process and reducing costs.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Crafted from top-tier concrete with iron oxide pigments to resist fading from UV exposure. Aligns with ASTM C1372 standards.

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3in 3-pc


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