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Our Lagoon shapes offer graceful curves with sweeping entry steps designed to have an elegant style that flawlessly accents the splendor of nature.


Size: 8′ x 14′ • Depth: 2’6″ FLAT • Gallons: 1,300 • Square Feet: 91

Looking for a swimming pool that the little ones can enjoy? The Fiji Fiberglass Pool is the perfect summer solution! The stylish and lightheartedly designed swimming pool features a flat, shallow bottom that is child-friendly yet still fun for all ages! Let the kids splash to their heart’s content while you relax and cool off from the summer sun! The Fiji boasts eye-catching flowing curves that are sure to liven up any backyard!

Features Include

  • Child friendly
  • Flat bottom design
  • Fun, lively shape

The Fiji is 8′ x 14′ of fun and is 2′ 6″ flat, perfect for the little ones in your family as well as great for adults to cool off in! The 91 square foot Fiji holds 1,300 gallons of water and is guaranteed to bring summer delight!


Size: 14′ x 32′ • Depth: 3’6″ – 6′ • Gallons: 11,400 • Square Feet: 365

The Laguna Fiberglass Pool is most unique in shape, with surrounding graceful, flowing curves this pool is sure to turn some heads at your next outdoor gathering! Sit back and soak with the Lagunas full relaxation bench and swim to your hearts content in the spacious swim corridor!

Features Include –

  • Wide entrance steps
  • Full relaxation bench
  • Spacious uninhibited swim corridor
  • Surrounding convenience ledge

Treat yourself to unlimited swims while adding a unique touch to your yard with the 14′ x 32′ Laguna fiberglass pool. Fun for the whole family, the Laguna offers options for both adults and kids with a 3′ 6″ shallow end and 6′ deep end! The Laguna shell is backed by a full 50-year warranty!


Size: 8′ x 14′ • Depth: 4′ FLAT • Gallons: 2,300 • Square Feet: 91

Cool off this summer with the stylish Maui Fiberglass Pool! The Maui will provide relaxation and relief from summer heat as well as a great place for children to splash around in! This stylish swimming pool features a flat bottom allowing for child-friendly swim time. Created with summer fun in mind, we designed our pool to exhibit the spirit of summer with a lighthearted and stylish curvy shape.

Features Include

  • Child-friendly flat bottom design
  • Elegant entry steps
  • Fun, stylish shape

The Maui is 8′ x 14′ of summer delight and at 91 square feet; it will give you the quality you deserve without overcrowding your yard. Holding 2,300 gallons of water and boasting a 4′ flat bottom this swimming pool would be a great addition to any yard for many summers to come!


Size: 16′ x 35′ • Depth: 3’6″- 6′ • Gallons: 13,200 • Square Feet: 450

The Moroccan Fiberglass Pool is one of elegance; sophisticated in shape it boasts graceful curves and a rounded entrance. Made for days of luxurious relaxing, built-in bench seating allows you to lounge as you soak in the sun. Sweeping entrance steps plus a large swim corridor make the Moroccan perfect for families and gatherings!

Features Include –

  • Sweeping entrance steps
  • Built-in bench seating
  • Convenience ledge
  • Large swim corridor

The Moroccan Fiberglass Swimming Pool is 16′ x 35′ of swimming fun! Prefect for both adults and kids, the Moroccan features a 3′ 6″ shallow end as well as 6′ deep end. Indulge yourself in summer with the Moroccan Fiberglass Pool and let the water take you away to another time and place.

Paradise Bay

Size: 16′ x 38′ • Depth: 3’7″ – 6′ • Gallons: 14,400 • Square Feet: 555

The Paradise Bay fiberglass pool is the largest of the Lagoon model pools. It showcases gentle curves instead of straight sides, and a sloped bottom. Its design is somewhere between a freeform and rectangle fiberglass pool. The pool has plenty of swimming space and areas to relax and includes:

  • a full convenience ledge
  • four sweeping shallow water entrance/exit steps
  • a deep water bench
  • a shallow water family play bench
  • a wide, full-length swimming corridor for end to end swimming and playing

Pool Accents and Concepts

This pool is perfect for wide open spaces and is long and wide enough to handle slides, waterfalls, water fountains, or a botanical garden integration.

The Paradise Bay fiberglass pool is 16′ x 38′ with a bottom that is 3′ 7″ deep on the shallow end and a full 6′ at the deep end. It holds 14,400 gallons of water and is 555 square feet of swimming fun. The Paradise Bay shell is backed by a full 50-year warranty. Add one of our smooth 20-year Diamond-Tech Color finishes to the shape and size of this fiberglass pool to create a beautiful accent to your home or garden.


Size: 14′ x 34′ • Depth: 3′ – 6′ • Gallons: 11,500 • Square Feet: 400

Graced with subtle curves our Tahiti Fiberglass Pool puts a stylish spin on your average pool. Designed with a large swim area, the Tahiti is perfect for families or large gatherings and provides ample room for pool fun and games! The Tahiti Fiberglass Pool gives you plenty of relaxation space with two built-in family water benches!

  • Two family water benches
  • Wide entrance steps
  • Large accommodating swim corridor
  • Convenience ledge

The Tahiti is 14′ x 34′ and is 400 square feet of summer fun! The pool holds 11,500 gallons of water and both adults and kids can enjoy swimming with the choice of the 3′ shallow end or 6′ deep end. The Tahiti shell is backed by a full 50-year warranty!


Size: 10′ x 21′ • Depth: 4’6″ FLAT • Gallons: 5,000 • Square Feet: 171

Not your average backyard pool, the Tybee Fiberglass Pool features a sleek design of subtle curves. Part of our Lagoon series, the Tybee is designed to flawlessly accent the splendor of nature and would be a beautiful addition to any home or botanical garden.

Features include –

  • Sweeping entrance steps
  • Family water bench
  • Wide, full-length swimming corridor for end to end swimming and playing

The spacious Tybee Fiberglass Pool has room for the whole family to have fun and relax and is 10′ x 21′ with a bottom that is 4′ 6″ deep. It holds 5,000 gallons of water and is 171 square feet. The Tybee shell is backed by a full 50-year warranty. Add one of our smooth 20-year Diamond-Tech Color finishes to the shape and size of this fiberglass pool to create a beautiful accent to your home or garden.