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The classic Grecian style brings old world charm to the twenty-first century.


Size: 13′ x 29′ • Depth: 3’5″ – 5’5″ • Gallons: 9,100 • Square Feet: 336

Sophisticated and delicate are two words that describe our Acapulco Fiberglass Pool. Part of our Grecian line, the clean lines and sleek stately shape of the Acapulco will transport you to the times of ancient Greece. Take your swim time to let out your inner god/goddess as you relax and recline on the built-in seating of the Acapulco fiberglass pool.

Features Include –

  • Clean lines
  • Wide entry steps
  • Built-in seating
  • Large swim corridor

The Acapulco is 13′ x 29′ wide of swimming indulgence with a bottom that is 3′ 5″ at the shallow end and 5′ 5″ at the deep end. This luxurious and chic fiberglass pool is 336 square feet and holds 9,100 gallons of water. The Acapulco shell is backed by a 50-year warranty.

Coral Reef

Size: 7′ 6″ x 16′ • Depth: 4’6″ – FLAT • Gallons: 2,800 • Square Feet: 99

Liven your summers up with our classic Coral Reef Fiberglass Swimming Pool! Designed with the refinement of ancient Greece in mind, the Coral Reef boasts an elegant, sophisticated shape that would be fitting for the creation of an outdoor utopia. Featuring entry steps on both sides of the pool, the Coral Reef invites you to come in and soak your troubles away.

Features Include

  • Entry steps on both sides of swimming pool
  • Classic, refined design

This 7′ 6″ x 16′ fiberglass pool is sure to be a summer hit, and at 99 square feet would make a lovely and fitting addition to a backyard. The Coral Reef holds 2,800 gallons of water and features a 4′ 6″ flat bottom that the entire family can enjoy.