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Freeform Fiberglass
Swimming Pools

The stunning Freeform shape has the perfect combination of elegance and fun, with a touch of pizzazz.


Size: 12′ x 25′ • Depth: 3’7″ – 5’3″ • Gallons: 5,600 • Square Feet: 264

Our freeform Cancun Fiberglass Pool is designed with a combination of elegance and fun; add pizzazz to your outdoors with this unique and playfully shaped pool! Featuring 2 built-in seating areas for ample lounging youll bring the Cancun vacation to you as you soak your troubles away in this fiberglass pool.

Features Include

  • 2 built-in seating areas
  • Sweeping entrance steps
  • Spacious swim area

Transform your yard into the outdoor oasis that youve been dreaming of with the 12′ x 25′ Cancun Fiberglass Pool. The pool holds 5,600 gallons of water and is 264 square feet of swimming fun. The 3′ 7″ shallow end and the 5′ 3″ deep end provide options for kids or those who prefer lower water. The Cancun shell is backed by a 50-year warranty.


Size: 16′ x 32′ • Depth: 3’8″ – 6′ • Gallons: 11,100 • Square Feet: 465

Let your summer be one for the books when it comes to relaxation and comfort with our Catalina Freeform Fiberglass Pool. This luxury pool is fitted with not just one but 3 built-in seating areas making it easy to spend the day lounging with loved ones! Designed with spirited curves and sweeping entry steps the Catalina would make a stylish addition in creating your backyard paradise!

Features Include

  • 3 built-in seating areas
  • Sweeping entry steps
  • Spacious swim corridor

The Catalina is 16′ x 32′ of summer fun and comes in at 465 square feet! This deluxe Fiberglass Pool is perfect for both adults and kids as it features a 3′ 8″ shallow end as well as 6′ deep end, and holds 11,100 gallons of water for ultimate splashing!

Grand Cayman

Size: 17′ x 37′ • Depth: 3’4″ – 6’1″ • Gallons: 13,800 • Square Feet: 629

The Grand Cayman Fiberglass Pool lives up to its name; featuring built-in lounge seating for optimum relaxation, youll be kicking back in your pool dreaming the summer days away! The large swim area is perfect for accommodating guests or hosting parties! Designed with a freeform shape the Grand Cayman adds elegance and pizzazz to any backyard turning it into an outdoor oasis!

Features Include

  • Built-in bench seating
  • Wide entry steps
  • Large swim area

The Grand Cayman Fiberglass Pool is 17′ x 37′ of swimming fun and holds 13,800 gallons of water for splashing! A total of 629 square feet, the Grand Cayman features a 3′ 4″ shallow end as well as a 6′ 1″ deep end offering options for both adults and kids to enjoy! The Grand Cayman shell is backed by a 50-year warranty!


Size: 12′ x 23′ • Depth: 3’7″ – 5’4″ • Gallons: 6,500 • Square Feet: 242

Just because you dont have a spacious yard, doesn’t mean you cant have the pool of your dreams! Our Jamaican Fiberglass Pool features a unique figure eight contoured design, making it perfect for small spaces, and with wide entry steps its great for families! This fun lighthearted swimming pool will make a great addition to any yard, small or large, without sacrificing style or quality!

Features Include

  • Wide, sweeping entry steps
  • Contoured for small spaces
  • Unique lighthearted design

The Jamaican is 12′ x 23′ of swimming fun and measures at a nice 242 square feet. The fiberglass pool holds 6,500 gallons of water ready for splashing, and features a 3′ 7″ shallow end perfect for kids and a 5′ 4″ deep end for the big kids!

Key West

Size: 16′ x 37′ • Depth: 3’4″ – 6’3″ • Gallons: 13,300 • Square Feet: 540

Get all the relaxation and style of the Florida Keys without leaving your home with our Key West Fiberglass Pool! Designed with 4 built-in seating areas, friends and family will beg you to host the next shin dig! This chic fiberglass pool boasts a fun and trendy shape as well as elegant sweeping entry steps, making it sure to liven up any summer gathering!

Features Include

  • 4 built-in seating areas
  • Sweeping entry steps
  • Spacious swim corridor

The 16′ x 37′ Key West holds 13,300 gallons of water for splashing, and measures in at 540 square feet of swimming fun! The swimming pool is guaranteed to be fun for all ages with its 3′ 4″ shallow end for the little ones and a 6′ 3″ deep end for the adults!

San Lucas

Size: 14′ x 32′ • Depth: 3’3″ – 5’10” • Gallons: 9,800 • Square Feet: 403

The San Lucas is one of our most indulgent pools, with 3 built-in seating areas you will have no shortage of room to settle back and enjoy your day! The San Lucas features sweeping entry steps and is designed with a fun freeform shape! Spend your days lounging and swimming in this inviting and cozy fiberglass swimming pool!

Features Include

  • Sweeping entry steps
  • 3 built-in seating areas
  • Freeform design

Get the most out of your summer with the luxurious 14′ x 32′ San Lucas Fiberglass Pool. The San Lucas is 403 square feet of swimming delight and holds 9,800 gallons of water. Featuring a 3′ 3″ shallow end as well as a nearly 6′ deep end the pool is perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!

St. Thomas

Size: 14′ x 32′ • Depth: 4’6″ FLAT • Gallons: 9,800 • Square Feet: 403

If you love being active in the pool with fun and games then our St. Thomas Fiberglass Pool is perfect for you! This pool was made with fun in mind and is designed with a flat bottom that makes it great for kids as well as games of volleyball and water antics! Featuring 3 bucket seating areas, parents are able to sit back and relax while they enjoy watching the kiddos splash around!

Features Include

  • 3 built-in bucket seating areas
  • Flat bottom for pool activities
  • Stylish design featuring rounded entry steps

The St. Thomas is 14′ x 32′ of summer fun and measures in at 403 square feet, perfect for backyard gatherings. Designed for the whole family, the swimming pool features a depth of 4′ 6″ flat, and holds 9,800 gallons of water for you and your loved ones to start setting records for the best splashes!