StoneDeks System

The StoneDeks System can create a backyard masterpiece that’s luxurious, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free!

StoneDeks is leading the way in outdoor living space innovation. With our patented StoneDeks System, you can build or refinish your deck with stone, porcelain, or any other pavers to become a beautiful, durable, and virtually maintenance-free deck of your dreams. However, our system doesn’t stop at just decks. You can use our system with walkways, balconies, raised and tiered patios, rooftops, and more! Take a look around and get started building your stone deck today. Check out the video below to see our products in action.

There are so many possibilities when you use the StoneDeks™ System! Any Stone, Paver or Porcelain pavers from ¾” up to 3” can be used

  • Raised or second story decks
  • Gazebos
  • Patios – especially those located on steep inclines where back fill and access costs are prohibitive
  • Multi-level or terraced patios – especially where the grade is difficult and expensive to achieve
  • Balconies and porches – match surrounding hardscape right up the steps
  • Water features
  • Bridges
  • Docks, piers or water’s edge walkways
  • Boat houses
  • Pool decks for above ground pools
  • Pool decks where the surrounding grade is problematic
  • Raised walkways were the soil conditions are problematic
  • Areas where the deck can be matched to your  hardscape products

  • When the home owner wants an option other than wood or something that looks like wood
  • Any time you want to eliminate settling issues and callbacks

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