Shell Colors

Starlight Blue

Cabinet Colors:

Teakwood Permawood
Black Permawood
Charcoal Permawood

Product Information

Electrical System: 240V
Lighting: LED
Pump Performance: (1) 2.0 HP Pump (1) 3.0 HP Pump 430 GPM


Size: 84″ x 96″ x 36″
Jets: 46
Seats: 6
Gallons/Capacity: 500.0
Weight: 625.00 (dry)

Standard Features

  • Deluxe LED light package w/ outside cabinet lighting, inside LED light and adjustable LED waterfall.
  • Jet lighting and lighted cup holders.
  • Spa Cover
  • Limited Lifetime Shell Warranty
  • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Standard Ozone Sanitation System
  • 2lb Density Foam Insulation
  • Digital Spa Controls
  • Permawood Cabinet
  • High Reliability
  • Easy to Operate

Optional Features

  • Steps
  • Shelves
  • Stainless Steel Banding (available on round models)


  • All Cove Spas Components Are Considered the Best in Class. From our jets to our pumps, our electronics to our cabinets, we strive to set the standard that all our competitors try to emulate. (Balboa Electronics, CMP Jets, Balboa Pumps all TOP suppliers)
  • All components are 100% American supplied or sourced.


  • All Cove Spas feature HDPE, (High Density Polyethylene) the most indestructible shell material available in a spa.
  • HDPE shell material is 10 TIMES the tensile strength of Acrylic (the plastic most hot tub shells are made with).
  • Cove Spas carry a Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on the shell!
  • Other products utilizing HDPE include truck bed liners, kayaks, chemical containers, and coolers; due to its insulating qualities and toughness (Grizzly Bear Proof Coolers)
  • Vacuum formed polyethylene material (HDPE) is also extremely durable and resistant to chemical damage, delaminating, and cracking. This durability, along with the new color innovations, makes it the product of choice for discriminating buyers with value in mind.
  • The easiest shell material in the industry to care for, Cove Spas can effortlessly be cleaned with most household cleaners (simple green, glass cleaner, vinegar/water) and a soft cloth, a soft bristled plastic brush, or even a magic erasure.

Framing & Cabinet

  • All framing is pressure treated and “stacked” or overlapped to ensure stability at each joint/ corner and the longevity and durability you would expect in a quality American made spa.
  • High end furniture companies (Steelcase and Herman Miller) utilize the same fasteners and adhesives found in the framing of every Cove Spa.
  • Our cabinets are designed to last- comprised of a unique resin product (similar to PCV) ensuring years of beauty.
  • A fully sealed, HDPE solid floor is the standard foundation for every Cove Spa!
  • All seats are supported with custom fit E.P.S. (Expanded Polystyrene) foam blocks providing full support the entire width of the seat.

Insulation & Energy Efficiency

  • 2# Density Closed Cell Polyurethane Resin Foam (equal to 7 R factor per inch) is standard on ALL Cove models.
  • Foam is sprayed onto the back of the shell resulting in a thermal barrier from 3” to 8” encapsulating the shell and plumbing components.
  • In addition to our standard foam, T-20 Insulation upgrade can also be installed at the time of manufacture. T-20 is a 2 ½” thick eco-friendly blanket installed against the inside of your entire spa cabinet. This provides a weather resistant barrier to prevent heat loss and air exchange from strong winter winds while storing pump and friction heat inside the cabinet.


  • All water jet fittings are glued, barbed, and clamped providing 3 layers of leak prevention.
  • HDPE is smooth on the back, providing a perfect flat surface for every jet’s body to properly adhere and seal to the spas shell.
  • Every spa is water tested twice. The last step before foam insulation, every spa is water tested to ensure flawless adhesion of gaskets, plumbing, and jet fittings. The second water test occurs as the last step before finishing touches and packaging. Your pump and heater will also be run and tested as well as unions and fittings around your spas equipment.


  • Lifetime Limited Shell Warranty
  • 3 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

More Models


Seats: 4
Size: 62″ x 84″ x 34″


Seats: 4
Size: 78.5″ x 35″


Seats: 3
Size: 62″ x 84″ x 34″


Seats: 4
Size: 78″ x 35″


Seats: 5
Size: 70″ x 80″ x 35″


Seats: 4
Size: 70″ x 80″ x 34″


Seats: 4
Size: 80″ x 82″ x 35″


Seats: 5
Size: 80″ x 82″ x 35″


Seats: 6
Size: 84″ x 96″ x 36″

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