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Comparing Pavers

Not all pavers are created equal. We know you have a choice when it comes to paving your outdoor living area. But when you compare the countless benefits of Belgard pavers to the material alternatives, we think the choice is clear.

Belgard vs. Concrete Pavers

Choosing basic concrete pavers to save money often means sacrificing durability and style. Unlike concrete, Belgard pavers are crack resistant and can withstand harsh freeze-thaw cycles. Plus, with limited design options, concrete pavers make it difficult to bring the full scope of your vision to life. With Belgard pavers, your options are limitless.

Belgard Benefits

  • •Increased durability
  • •More shapes, patterns, colors
  • •Additional application uses

Belgard vs. Cobblestone

A cobblestone walkway adds a stately appeal to any outdoor space. With Belgard pavers, you can achieve the same allure with added durability at a lower cost. You'll not only have an array of colors and sizes to choose from, but Belgard pavers are easier to install and maintain. Allowing you to save money and spend more time enjoying an outdoor space with old-world charm.

Belgard Benefits

  • •Lower cost
  • •Increased durability
  • •More shapes, patterns, colors
  • •Less maintenance

Belgard vs. Slab Concrete

Slab concrete seems like a cost-effective option at first, but most find the aesthetic constraints and maintenance costs quickly outweigh any initial savings. Belgard offers higher durability pavers that require less maintenance even in unforgiving climates. And the added style Belgard offers goes beyond anything slab concrete can offer.

Belgard Benefits

  • •Better aesthetics
  • •Increased durability
  • •Easier installation and maintenance

Belgard vs. Natural Stone

Though beautiful and characteristic, areas paved with natural stone can also be expensive and inconsistent. Belgard pavers offer the same natural look, for less. They avoid the unpredictable and often random shapes and colors of natural stone that can lead to installation issues. Allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor area with less hassle, and for less money.

Belgard Benefits

  • •Lower price
  • •Better color and shape consistency
  • •Easier installation

Belgard vs. Wood Decking

While wood decking restricts your design capabilities to a confined style, Belgard pavers offer a full range of colors, shapes and textures to help you craft your outdoor vision. From fire-resistant, easy-to-clean outdoor kitchens to eye-catching fountains—Belgard lets you dream and design in a way wood decks simply can't.

Belgard Benefits

  • •Higher durability
  • •More textures and shapes
  • •Additional application uses
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