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Planning & Materials

Get the most out of what you put in. Belgard pavers are the key ingredients to creating that eye-catching walkway, patio or driveway. Available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, our pavers can bring the right amount of personality to any area. Best of all, they’re durable and environmentally friendly—so you get the most out of your investment. Before you break ground on your patio, outdoor walkway, or other paver project, planning your design carefully and selecting the proper materials is paramount to your success.

How big should your space be?

One of the most important aspects to hardscape planning and budgeting for your outdoor investment is making sure you've accounted for enough square inches. If you're going to have furniture, you'll need to leave enough room around the pieces for walking or moving chairs. If it's a dining space, you'll want enough room to walk around the table when others are seated. If it's a driveway, you'll want to account for the width of a car and people getting in and out of it.

Your Belgard Contractor will help you consider these things. However, if you're preparing for a DIY summer project, you'll want to be sure you've given yourself enough space.

How are you going to shade the space?

From pergolas and umbrellas to sails and trees, shade is an important factor to any outdoor space. You should plan to enjoy your space as much in the middle of the day as you do in the evening.

If you're planning a pergola, that may impact where pavers can go or if you need to lay pavers beyond it. If you're using an overarching umbrella, you'll need to save room for its base. Remember, budgeting for how you'll shade your space now can save you a lot of time and money later. It may even impact the quantity of pavers, sand and gravel you need to buy.

How will you finish off your space?

A well planned outdoor space doesn't just include pavers. It may also include a trellis, a movie screen, sound equipment, a fountain or even plants and various landscaping accents. Retaining and freestanding walls can help you define different spaces and keep erosion from negatively impacting your outdoor living plans. Considering these finishing touches as you budget will help you enjoy your kind of beautiful that much faster.

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