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Perfect for patios, pool decks, walkways and more; Keystone’s patio stones and pavers are offered in a wide range of styles, sizes and textures. Stunning and durable, Keystone pavers and patio stones will help you create truly extraordinary spaces.

Alameda Patio Stone

The naturally-weathered look of Keystone’s Alameda patio stone provides an element of customization to every walkway, patio or hardscape project. Single unit installation simplifies the creation of stunning outdoor spaces, transforming your project into a showpiece.

Camden Cobble Paver

A timeless classic has been reinvented. Keystone’s Camden Cobble achieves the warmth and casual elegance of hand-laid cobblestone in less time and with less effort. The innovative T-shaped unit features four unique face designs, allowing for the creation of different laying patterns to give any patio or walkway a truly unique appearance.

Campton Paver

The modular 6-inch wide Campton plank paver combines beauty with project durability. Multiple laying patterns and color banding options allow for maximum design creativity with a product that is ideal for patios, walkways, edging and pool decks.

Canyon Stone Patio Stone

Keystone Canyon Stone replicates the lines and textures of cut flagstone while delivering greater strength, a uniform thickness, a flat bottom surface and even joints. Canyon Stone is distinctive in character and design, creating natural looking, one-of-a-kind patios and walkways. Keystone Canyon Stone is known as Prism Stone in some markets.

Corsia Patio Stone

Keystone’s Corsia patio stone offers a large format, textured surface with false joints and an irregular shape which artfully replicates the warmth and beauty of natural flagstone. Corsia patio stone is a favorite of homeowners seeking to create natural looking walkways and patio spaces.

Country Manor Pavers

A timeless beauty evoking images of the Old World, Country Manor pavers offer a well-traveled texture and rustic appeal. Featuring a cobbled appearance, which adds a classic warmth and sophistication to any project, Country Manor pavers are ideal for patios and walkways.

Empire Stone Patio Stone

Sophisticated style with rugged durability, Keystone’s Empire Stone captures the elegance of natural cut slate. Once installed, each unit’s cleft edgers and false joints aide in the creation in striking patterns throughout walkways and patios.

Insignia Patio Stone

Smooth and textured surfaces combine to create an appealing, contemporary look with Keystone’s Insignia patio stone. With complementing wall and edger systems, the Insignia collection takes the guess work out of designing – transforming your outdoor space into a showpiece.

Lundurra Paver

Lundurra achieves the warmth and casual elegance of hand-laid stone in less time and effort. Lundurra is an innovative “L” shaped unit that features four unique face designs with a stunning slate texture. These different face designs allow for the easy creation of unique laying patterns and simplify the overall installation process.

Sandia Patio Stone

Keystone’s Sandia patio stone is distinctive in character and design, creating natural looking, one-of-a-kind patios and walkways. Sandia patio stone features false joints, which create the natural beauty of irregular cobble stones, achieving the warmth and elegance of hand-laid stone in less time and effort.