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Versatile and easy to install, Keystone’s landscape wall systems can help you create small to mid-size retaining walls and freestanding elements such as fire pits, columns, outdoor kitchens, planter boxes and more.

Alameda Edger

Delivering the tranquil appeal of naturally-weathered river rock and unsurpassed design versatility, Keystone’s Alameda edger is a homeowner favorite. Alameda edger is ideal for garden edging, lawn edging, borders, and tree rings.

Grand Prize (Geometric) Edger

With sleek styling and a versatile shape, the Grand Prize edger redefines edging. No need to limit your imagination, the Grand Prize edger makes it easy to create traditional squares, elegant circles, ovals, intersections, and serpentines. Grand Prize edger is known as Geometric edger in some markets.

Insignia Edger

Framing your lawn and garden with graceful curves and beautiful lines, Keystone’s Insignia edger masterfully combines rugged texture and lines to create a contemporary look that is as beautiful as it is easy to install.