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Olive Lush

Olive Lush artificial lawn turf combines field green and olive green soft spun monofilament with olive green thatch to create a soft yet durable turf designed to match the look of real grass. This San Diego artificial grass is made with UV-resistance polyethylene that projects against fading and discoloration to ensure your new yard will maintain it’s color for years to come.

Product Specifications

Blade Color

Field Green/Olive Green

Thatch Color

Olive Green Thatch


1 5/8” Inches


90 OZ/YD2

Water Permeability

>250 Inch/Hr.
MaxxFlow Backing

Total Infill

2 to 3 LBS/FT2
Silica Sand, Envirofill Acrylic Coated Sand

MAXXFLOW® Drainage System

100% Permeability

MaxxFlow  patented drainage technology is the only 100% permeable backing, allowing liquids to drain freely, making it ideal for pet use. 

Care and Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

  • Whenever possible, use a leaf blower to remove organic materials fromthe surface. Rakes can be used to remove heavier objects; however, aleaf blower is the ideal tool for general upkeep. Use a stiff natural bristlebroom to “fluff” high traffic areas.
  • A shop-vac may be used for dry spills. Be sure to hold the suction endof the hose up off the surface to avoid removing the infill material alongwith the debris.
  • Check edges for weeds. Remove and/or use pre or post emergentherbicide to control growth.
  • If the infill is disturbed after a heavy rain, let the area dry, remove thesurface debris and fluff the area with a broom. This will redistribute thesurface infill.

Spot Cleaning or Disinfecting

  • Sticky spills should be rinsed thoroughly to keep dirt from sticking. Ifnecessary, commercial disinfectants may be used; however, be sure torinse afterward in order to soak the disinfectant through the turf and away from pets and family members.
  • Food waste should be removed promptly to avoid attracting pests.
  • Paint may be removed with paint thinner or other suitable paintremoving products. Be sure to rinse afterward.
  • Use ice to remove gum from surface.

Pet Clean-Up

  • Remove solid waste normally. Remaining waste can be washed off with ahose. In order to avoid disturbing the infill, do not aim the stream directlyat the turf.
  • To clean away waste and eliminate odors during dry weather, dampenthe area that your pets use with water (or a combination of water andenzyme based cleaners like EasyTurf’s Pet Urine Neutralizer).

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